Where are we?

Where are we? That’s the big question at my current state school regarding EdTech and media.

Is our school prepared for the 21st century?

Does our technical equipment fit the needs of education in 2016?

How do we want to use EdTech?

Where do we have to upgrade?

Where do we want to upgrade?

Are we able to upgrade?

The state of Baden-Württemberg luckily operates a state media centre (LMZ Landesmedienzentrum) to support schools. To cooperate with LMZ we have to create a media development plan. First step will be an inventory of what is already there.

So let’s take a look:

– 1 computer lab with 16 computers

– 4 laptop boxes with 6 laptops each

– 1 spare computer lab with hardly anything working

– 4 mobile projectors and 4 teacher’s laptops

– 2 teacher’s computers in the staff room

– some subjects rooms with installed projectors

– an unused LMS moodle

– no systematic EdTech PD
But also:

– a lot of highly motivated colleagues who want to use technology at work the same way they use it in their private lifes

– a small team on the way to write a media development plan (MEP)

I am more than happy to be part of this team. This blog will follow our work, our ideas, our struggle to reach our goal.


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